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Splunk Devp Course

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Splunk certification online course

Splunk technology is used by several people to search, monitor and analyze the machine-generated data retrieved from several websites. Most of these data are created by the users that are then retrieved with the help of Splunk.

Splunk is one of the most complicated programs out there that needs special training for using it. If you are about to use Splunk, then you should go for our Splunk certification online courses. With this course, you will be able to learn about Splunk like its requirements, functions, uses, and so much more.

Apart from the course, you will also be given a certificate once you have completed the selected course. The certificate provided can be used while applying for a job in a company. Once you have selected our Splunk certification online courses, you will be assigned a personal trainer who will make sure that you will learn everything about Splunk.

After the completion of the course, you will have learned what is Splunk, what are its uses, how to bring the best out of the program, and what is the need of using Splunk. Through this course, you will be learning Splunk administration as well as Splunk development.

Both of these courses are packed as a single course to help you learn both at the same time. Splunk is one of the most complex program out there that cannot be used to its fullest without proper training. Our trainers are specialized in each program and know how to use them effectively. You won't regret selecting our online Splunk courses.



Module 1 – Basic Understanding of Architecture

Module 2 – Introduction to Splunk's User Interface

Module 3 – Searching

Module 4 – Using Fields in Searches

Module 5 – Creating Reports and Visualizations

Module 6 – Working with Dashboards

Module 7 – Search Fundamentals

Module 8 – Reporting Commands

Module 9 – Reporting Commands

Module 10 – Analyzing, Calculating and formatting Results

Module 11 – Creating Field Aliases and Calculated Fields

Module 12 – Creating Field Extractions

Module 13 – Creating Tags and Event Types

Module 14 – Creating Workflow Actions

Module 15 – Creating and Managing Alerts

Module 16 – Creating and Using Macros

Module 17 – Lookups

Module 18 – Advance Commands and Features

Splunk Developer and Admin

·Overview of Splunk

·Splunk Architecture

·Splunk Installation

·Splunk Configuration Files

·Splunk App and Apps Management

·User roles and authentication

·Splunk Index Management

·Various Splunk Input Methods

·Splunk Universal Forwarder

·Deployment Management in Splunk

·Basic Production Environment

·Splunk Search Engine

·Search Scaling and Monitoring

·Splunk Cluster Implementation and Index Clustering

·Distributed Management Console

·Splunk Development Concepts

·Basic Searching

·Using Fields in Searches

·Splunk Search Commands

·Creating Reports and Dashboards

·Creating Alerts

·Splunk Commands


·Automatic Lookups

·Splunk Queries

·Splunk Search Processing Language

·Analysing, Calculating and Formatting results

·Splunk Reports and Visualizations

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