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Selenium Course

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Selenium Online Course

Selenium WebDriver is a powerful open source test automation effort. Open source refers to free software that is developed for the community. Many test automation tools such as Selenium IDE provide record and playback features. Record and playback allow users to record their actions and replay the actions any number of times. However, Selenium WebDriver does not include a record feature but allow an automation engineer to execute Test Scripts any number of times. Selenium WebDriver Test Scripts are created and executed within an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The IDE provide standards, assist with project management, and organize Test Scripts in a structure manner. Employing Selenium WebDriver is a valuable automation effort for assuring quality.

Software QA/Testers are expected to test more development code in less time. The increased production from developers can cause testers to become bottlenecks. However, testing a web application utilizing automation helps speed up the delivery of software products. Selenium WebDriver reduces the time it takes to execute a test. In addition, test automation controls the execution of a test, verifies whether actual results return expected results and report results (Pass/Fail). The purpose of this online training is to provide building blocks for automating any web application using Selenium WebDriver.

Java is a powerful programming language that is frequently and commonly implemented in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Java programmers are in high demand in the IT field and being able to code automation scripts in Java will make you a commodity to any quality assurance testing team. There are many Java forums (message boards) online that support Java programmers in need of a solution for a problem. Learning Java and Selenium is a great combination that will make any quality assurance tester effective on an automation project.

Selenium Online training provides complete knowledge on Selenium Detailed level Architecture which covers how to develop automation scripts in all the supported languages, interfaces available in selenium such as Search Context, Web Driver etc, Java Script executor ,  Remote Web Driver to implement. You will be learning how Selenium Web Driver Server works, JSON Wire protocol to communicate, Upcasting in Selenium, Method chaining , how to handle Mouse and keyboard operations , How to capture screenshot, What are Web Elements, Locators and its types, Active elements ,Factory Methods, XPATH Axes, Handling Dynamic links and much more.

You will be learning important topics of Selenium compulsorily they are Automation Framework - guidelines and rules to write selenium code, GitHub - Central Repository to store code ,Maven - build dependency tool for auto update of selenium version, Selenium Grid - to test on multiple OS and browsers, Jenkins - Continuous Integration, TestNG - framework for generation of Test Reports and running multiple test scripts in one go.

Java training is designed completely by keeping  absolute beginner in mind, testers without previous programming knowledge,  so that they may gain a thorough understanding of Java. Important Java concepts are explained in a very simple, insightful, and easy to understand manner through straightforward definitions, explanations, and examples.

This course covers Java Basics coreSelenium WebdriverAdvanced Selenium  Selenium Grid ,DataBase TestingPerformance Testing on Selenium scripts and Mobile testing Basics

Why Java with selenium?

A good community of developers to create documentation and resolve issues has helped Java to become the most preferred language among the application developers. Thus, writing selenium test cases using Java has multiple benefits:

  • Selenium supports Java. So, testers can leverage the active community of contributors and detailed documentation to write test cases
  • Programs written in Java are faster than other popular languages like Python
  • Java is more widely used in commercial applications as compared to other programming languages like Python and hence integrating Selenium tests it easier
  • Eventually choosing the right language varies by project, organization, and individuals driving it. An essential criterion is to know the language in-depth when dealing with Selenium.

To kickstart Selenium Webdriver with Java, one needs to bring the different components together, to start coding.

Selenium is compatible with multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh. It also supports multiple browsers like Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge, Firefox. It is used to automate functional tests. Also, Selenium is easy to integrate with tools like JenkinsMaven, and Docker to achieve a continuous testing approach. Tools like TestNG and JUnit further help in structuring the selenium tests for easy maintainability and generating reports.

After your course completion you will be having hands on experience on below

  • Installation of Selenium web driver with Eclipse
  • Java programming
  • Configuring J unit with WebDriver
  • Generating Test report with Junit
  • How to handle element Locators in WebDriver
  • Basic Action commands and operations in WebDriver
  • How to use TestNG Framework
  • Web Driver Assertions with Test NG
  • Different common functions to use in WebDriver Test

Eligible Aspirants for Selenium Course

Fresh graduates who have no previous programming experience looking to penetrate in the field of Testing

Software Developers

IT Professionals

Aspirants interested to learn in open mindset to enhance their skill in selenium to upgrade the career

Benefits of pursuing DevOps Course in ICONITINC

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Unique Features in ICONIT INC

1.Limited Students:

We deploy dedicated trainers for each batch. Each batch consists of limited students maximum 10 in the group. Each student in the group is taken care individually. All the doubts in the session will be clarified on immediate basis. Trainers provide support in practical’s during projects.

You will be guided with case studies which help to get hands on experience on the projects as per the industry standards.

You will be attending live sessions of the trainer, no pre recorded videos.

2.Resume Preparation:


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ICONIT INC arranges 3 mock interviews for your actual interview preparation. It helps to practice better and become perfect to do well in the actual interview.

4.Job Assistance:

ICONIT INC will arrange 3 interviews from the top MNC’s.Candidate is purely responsible for clearing the interview.


Selenium Syllabus 

Manual Testing 

1. Introduction of manual testing


  •   Initial Phase
  •   Analysis phase
  •   Design Phase
  •   Coding Phase
  •   Testing
  •   Delivery and Maintence

3. Testing Methods and Techniques

  •    Black Box Testing
  •    White Box testing
  •    Grey Box Testing

4. Levels of Testing & Stages of Testing

  •    Unit testing
  •    Module Testing
  •    Integration level Testing
  •    System Level Testing
  •    User acceptance Testing

5. Test case document

6. Software Development process model (Testing Methodology)

  •    Waterfall model
  •    Prototype Model
  •    Evolution Model
  •    Spiral model
  •    V-model (Verification - validation model)
  •    Agile Methodology

7. Types of Testing

  •    Build Acceptance Testing
  •    Smoke Testing
  •    Retesting
  •    Regression testing
  •    User Acceptance Testing
  •     Alpha testing
  •     Beta Testing
  •     Static Testing
  •     Dynamic Testing

8. Installation Testing

  •    Desktop Application Testing
  •    Web Application Testing
  •    Compatibility Testing
  •    Usability Testing
  •    Port Testing
  •    End-To-End Testing
  •    Security Testing
  •    Firewall testing or Privilege testing
  •    Adoc testing

9. Bug life cycle

10. Types of severity and priority

11. STLC

  •    Test Plan
  •    Test Development
  •    Test Execution
  •    Result analyses
  •    Bug tracking
  •    Reporting

12. Test summary

13. Base criteria

14. Test development

15. Manual testing Terminology

Core Java

Introduction of Core Java

  1. Latest version
  2. How to download java software
  3. How to configure java software
  4. How to  create project
  5. What is Project
  6. What is Package
  7. What is Class
  8. How to Add & Mul..etc using Java code
  9. Constructor
  10. Array
  11. if condition
  12. for loop
  13. for each loop
  14. While loop
  15. Break method
  16. Continue method
  17. Enum in java
  18. Hash map
  19. Hash Set
  20. Scanner Class
  21. Inheritance
  22. Single Inheritance
  23. Multilevel Inheritance
  24. Hierarchal Inheritance
  25. Method Overloading
  26. Method overriding
  27. String
  28. Type Casting
  29. Palindrome
  30. Reverse of String


Content type

  1. Introduction of selenium
  2. How to download chrome Drivers
  3. How to download Firefox driver
  4. How to download Selenium jar files
  5. How to configure selenium jars
  6. How to launch Chrome browser
  7. How to launch Firefox browser
  8. How to load the website
  9. Launch the Chrome Browser through selenium code
  10. Launch the Firefox Browser through selenium code
  11. Titles
  12. Current Url
  13. Page Source Code
  14. .locaters
  15. Send Keys
  16. Select Method
  17. Actions
  18. Navigator
  19. How to handle alerts
  20. How to handle dropdowns
  21. Check boxes
  22. Radio Buttons
  23. Scanner methods
  24. How to handle I frames
  25. Headless browser
  26. mouse actions
  27. TestNG frame work
    • Grouping
    • Parallel integration
    • Asserts
    • Suit Execution
  28. Annotations
  29. configure chrome plug-in
  30. JavaScript Executer in selenium Web driver
  31. JavaScript locaters
  32. Basic terminology of SWD grid

Below Tools are Separate not Include Selenium

       -----------------------Bug Tracking Tool------------------------------------


       ---------------------Build Management Tool--------------------------------- 

1. MAVEN project

2. How to configure MAVEN repository

---------------------- API Testing-----------------------------------------------

     1. How to do API testing Through Manual

2. How to do API testing through Automation

-------------------APPIUM Testing (Mobile testing) ---------------------------

     1. How to do Mobile Testing through Automation                   

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