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Quality Analyst Course

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Different certifications of the Quality Analyst

The term Quality analyst refers to the testing quality of product software and services which are to be provided to the customers by the organisation. It mainly focuses on improving the quality of the product and services and making it efficient to use by mankind.

Nowadays various candidates are choosing to pursue quality assurance certifications for making the quality consistency for the industry. But the certifications provided vary from country to country. Hence, it becomes important for choosing the best-standardised certification for your organisation. In this article, we will talk about various certifications of Quality analyst which you can pursue

  • Certified test engineer - Through this certification, you will be able to maintain and set standardised requirements of an initial software product. It will give you a recognised professional association, good career advancement, and the ability to demonstrate management.
  • Certified software quality analyst - CSQA certification is more certified and advanced than CTSE. You can get knowledge about Quality analyst as well as quality control. This certification also covers all courses of what CTSE has and also moves to go further with more quality assurance rules.
  • Certified associate in software testing - You will learn about the fundamentals of Quality analyst testing and technical features of IT and various IT techniques of learning the certification course itself.
  • CMSQ (certified manager of software quality) - With this certification, you will be able to professionally understand the principles, skills, ability and Quality analyst software for leading a good Quality assurance team.



Quality Analyst 

Module - 1. Manual Testing, Software Development Life Cycle, Testing Life Cycle, Tester Role

Module - 2. Test cases, Test Plan, Software Project architecture

Module - 3. HP Quality Center | HP ALM - Application Life Cycle Management

Module - 4. SQL - Structure Query Language

Module - 5. UNIX | Linux Operating System

Module - 6. HP QTP | HP UFT Training - Automation Testing

Module - 7. HP LoadRunner - Performance Testing

Module - 8. Review the topics, How to write resume, configuration management, quality controls

Module - 9. Web Services Testing, SOA, SoapUI tool, Postman Tool, SOAP, RESTFul Service

Module - 10. ETL Testing, Data warehouse Testing

Module - 11. Mobile App Testing

Module - 12. Real time live project work on Banking Domain

Module - 13. Real time live project work on Health care domain

Module - 14. Real time live project work on Telecom Domain 

Introduction to the Software Quality Analyst Certification Program

  • Quality Principles
  • Quality Leadership 
  • Quality Baselines
  • Quality Analyst
  • Quality Planning
  • Define, Build, Implement, and Improve Work Processes
  • Quality Control Practices
  • Metrics and Measurement
  • Internal Control and Security
  • Outsourcing, COTS and Contracting Quality

Software Development Life Cycle

  •  General Topics

  •  Testing Types-Dynamic Testing

  •  Functional Testing Techniques

  •  Performance Testing Techniques

  •  Identify Scenario Based test Cases

  •  Bug/Defect/Error

  •  Test Strategy And Test Execution

  •  Test Plan

  •  Testing Life Cycle

  •  Software Development Models

  •  Discussion On Interview QUESTIONS And Case Studies

  •  Automation Testing

  •  Java Introduction

  •  Loops, Arrays And Function

  •  Package, Access Modifiers/Exception Handling

  •  Testing

  •  Frameworks And Maven

  •  Web Services Testing With SOAP UI

  •  Hp Load Runner

  •  HP Load Runner Advanced Topics

  •  MY SQL

  •  HP Quality Center

  •  Bug Reporting Tools


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