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Devops Online training

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Devops Course

Devops certification training is designed for building and scaling production applications to worldwide users. It is a Software Engineer culture that acts as a bridge between software development (Dev) and software operations (Ops) which helps to automate and monitor all the steps of Software construction from integration, testing, releasing to deployment and infrastructure management.

Online DevOps training course will helps to learn and implement skills in continuous Integration , Delivery , Deployment and Infrastructure as a code and more using DevOps tools like GIT, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins and Maven  etc.

ICONITINC is a leading firm which offers several online courses, Devops online training is one among them. Training will be provided by best industry experts who have professional expertise in the subject.


Eligible Aspirants for Devops courses

  • Aspirant should have the basic programming knowledge
  • It Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Integration Specialist
  • Software testers

Benefits of pursuing DevOps Course in ICONITINC

  • Aspirant will get Devops Course completion certificate
  • Placement assistance will be provided
  • Onsite project training
  • Limited students for the batches
  • All the doubts will be clarified by industry experts

Unique Features in ICONIT INC

1.Limited Students :

We deploy dedicated trainers for each batch. Each batch consists of limited students maximum 10 in the group. Each student in the group is taken care individually. All the doubts in the session will be clarified on immediate basis. Trainers provide support in practical’s during projects.  

You will be guided with case studies which help to get hands on experience on the projects as per the industry standards.

You will be attending live sessions of the trainer, no pre recorded videos.

2.Resume Preparation:


Why is Resume writing important?

Expert Says:

 A resume is an important tool for your job search. It showcases your knowledge, your skills, experience, expertise, and accomplishments.

How ICONIT INC works here

We have remarkable proficiency in delivering job seekers the invaluable edge of dynamic, Text resumes that make them stand out from the competition. We professionally and effortlessly prosper in articulating the drawing out the strengths employers focus on when selecting candidates. Our ground-breaking, consultative approach has resulted in a strong success rate for our clients across the globe.

Our dedication and passion for bringing out the best from each draft we handle had provided us multiple opportunities for generating winning drafts for career transition and cross-functional resumes too. We are an enthusiastic and creative customer-focused writers, an experts at details, and producing quality work.

ICONITINC helps you to build a solid reputation, advance your career and command a higher salary

3.Mock Interviews

Mock interview reflects an actual job interview. It helps to test your on-going interview preparation. It gives an opportunity to prepare, up to level of the industry standards. It gives an idea of what to say and do during the interview. A mock interview is useful in reviewing your answers to common questions and assessing other technical Skills.   

ICONIT INC arranges 3 mock interviews for your actual interview preparation. It helps to practice better and become perfect to do well in the actual interview.

4.Job Assistance

ICONIT INC will arrange 3 interviews from the top MNC’s.  Candidate is purely responsible for clearing the interview. 


Aspirants who completes the Devops courses online from ICONIT INC will get “Devops certificate” which immense the chance of getting Devops Engineer Job.




Introduction to Devops

  • Continuous Integration & Deployment
  • Containers and Virtual Development
  • Configuration Management Tools
Cloud Computing
  • What is Cloud?
  • Evolution of Cloud Computing
  • IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • SAAS (Software as a Service)
  • PAAS (Platform as a Service)
  • Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud
  • Public Clouds
LINUX Basic and Admin
  • Linux OS Introduction
  • Importance of Linux in DevOps
  • Linux Basic Command Utilities
  • Linux Administration
  • Environment Variables
  • Networking
  • Linux Server Installation
  • RPM and YUM Installation
Shell Scripting
  • Introduction
  • Variables
  • Flow Controls
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Lists
  • Manipulating Strings
  • Reading and Writing Files
  • Positional Parameters
Continuous Integration – Jenkins
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Configure Jenkins
  • Jenkins Management
  • Scheduling build Jobs
  • Maven Build Scripts
  • Support for the GIT version control System
  • Different types of Jenkins Jobs
  • Jenkins Build Pipe Line
  • Jenkins Master & Slave Node Configuration
  • Jenkins Workspace Management
  • Securing Jenkins
  • Jenkins Plugins
Version Control-GIT
  • GIT Features
  • 3-Tree Architecture
  • GIT – Clone /Commit / Push
  • GIT Hub Projects
  • GIT Hub Management
  • GIT Rebase & Merge
  • GIT Stash, Reset, Checkout
  • GIT Clone, Fetch, Pull
Build tool- Maven
  • Maven Installation
  • Maven Build requirements
  • Maven POM Builds (pom.xml)
  • Maven Build Life Cycle
  • Maven Local Repository (.m2)
  • Maven Global Repository
  • Group ID, Artifact ID, Snapshot
  • Maven Dependencies
  • Maven Plugins
  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Ansible Server Configuration
  • Infrastructure Management
  • SSH Connection in Ansible Master
  • YAML Scripts
  • Host Inventory
  • Ad-hoc Commands
  • Playbooks
  • Modules
  • Ansible Roles
  • How to get Docker Image?
  • What is Docker Image
  • Docker Installation
  • Working with Docker Containers
  • Docker Command Line Interphase
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Hub
  • Docker Trusted Registry
  • Docker swarm
  • Docker attach
  • Docker File & Commands

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