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AZURE 533 Course

Azure 533 online course

We, ICONITINC serve people to pure their desired program. We help them to achieve all what course they have chosen for their career. We provide several programs for cloud computing technologies, stock markets, etc. Cloud computing is one of the best technological advancements in the 21st century. Cloud computing is the solution for all organizational issues like low storage, huge investment, high operating cost, low security, and huge maintenance. Azure is a widely used tool by many organizations to offer more employment opportunities. Microsoft Azure will demonstrate your skills and level of expertise to handle the azure complex situations.

Azure 533 online course is for the people who are going for opportunities in Microsoft infrastructure solutions. This course has all the required functions which a person needs to have in their jobs. Through demos and practicals, you will learn to optimize windows and several workloads on azure. This course will provide you to implement enterprise application architecture on the Azure platform. Our team of ICONITINC provides the best guidance and support and all help regarding the azure course until our students have attained success. We are a very trusted institute in providing several online programs. After your completion, of course, you will be taught to plan and make azure machines virtually, deploy and configure websites, integrate windows premises with azure AD, implement and manage backup problems, and provide sufficient storage and knowledge about cloud services to the organization, IT professionals and individuals.

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions:70-533

Module 1: Introduction to Azure

Module 2: Implementing and Managing Azure Networking

Module 3: Implementing Virtual Machines

Module 4: Managing Azure VMs

Module 7: Implementing containers in Azure

Module 8: Implementing Azure Cloud Services

Module 9: Implementing Azure Active Directory

Module 10: Managing an Active Directory infrastructure in a hybrid environment

Module 11: Implementing Azure-based management and automation

  • High Level Overview of Azure
  • Deploy Azure Web Apps

  • Configure Web Apps

  • Configure Diagnostics, Monitoring, and Analytics

  • Scaling Web Apps24:26

  • Deploy Virtual Machines

  • Configuration Management

  • VM storage

  • Monitor VMs

  • Manage ARM VM Availability

  • Scaling VMs

  • Azure Storage Blobs and Azure Files

  • Create and Manage Shared Access Signatures

  • Storage Monitoring

  • Azure SQL Databases

  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) with Existing Directories
  • Configure Application Access
  • Integrate an App with Azure AD

  • Azure AD B2C and Azure B2B

  • Virtual Networks

  • Modify Network Configuration
  • Multi-Site or Hybrid Network

  • ARM Templates

  • Control Access

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

  • New Exam Requirements Added After Course

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