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Apigee Online Course

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Cloud Computing Online Courses

Cloud computing is one of the most advanced and widely used in the field of IT. Cloud computing is needed for storing data, networking, analytics, servers, intelligence, and much more. Almost every company uses cloud computing programs to store their data in the cloud for easy access.

Several websites and applications make use of cloud computing services to deliver the best possible results instantly. Some of the most widely used cloud computing services are AWS, AI with machine learning, DevOps, and Apigee. Since these services are provided through the cloud, there is no need for a personal set up as all the main work will be done in the cloud.

Learning more about these cloud computing services is important as it will help you to bring the best out of these services. You can go for our cloud computing online courses to understand more about these services.

Our cloud computing online course is about 30 hours long and all the important topics are covered in the video. All you need to do is spend 30 hours of your time and at the end, you will have learned about the cloud computing services.

By learning cloud computing services, you will increase your chances of securing a job in the IT sector as these are the most sought skills in the IT industry. So you should not think much about it and start learning about cloud computing through our course. All you need to do is spend 30 hours and learn about cloud computing from basics to advanced.




Part-1: API Design and Fundamentals of Apigee 

  •  Introduction and fundamentals of Apigee
  •  Basics of API
  •  Apigee UI Overview
  •  API design concepts

Part-2: API Development on Apigee 

  •  API Policies and Management
  •  Target Servers and Products
  •  Error handling and logging
  •  Shared flows, hooks, extensions
  •  Mediation, caching and Node.js Integration

Part-3: API Security on Apigee 

  •  API Security
  •  OAuth and Network Security

Apigee Training Curriculum

  • Edge Foundational Training
  • Apigee Edge Overview
  • Key Concepts
  • API Services Review
  • Developer Services Review
  • Analytics Services Review
  • Management and Debugging
  • “Under the Hood” review of Apigee
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Problem Determination
  • Monitoring the API
  • Managing users, roles and permissions
  • Escalation
  • API Services Deep Dive
  • Mapping an API
  • App Security
  • API Contract Management
  • 3rd Party Callouts/Mash-ups
  • Policy Development Workshop (create an entire flow and app)
  • Analytics Integration
  • Custom Data in Apigee Analytics
  • Custom Reports
  • Analytics API
  • Apigee SDLC Management
  • Apigee “bundle” management
  • Editing Apigee configurations outside the Web User Interface
  • Deployment methodologies
  • Environment Variables
  • Edge Architect Training
  • Edge Architect Training
  • Edge API Management
  • Node.js
  • BaaS
  • Analytics
  • Developer portal
  • Apigee-127
  • Monetization
  • Insights
  • Architecture of an Apigee Solution
  • Creating a solution architecture
  • Architectural patterns in Edge API Management, Node.js, BaaS, Analytics, Developer Services and Apigee-127
  • On-premises deployment of Edge
  • Edge On Premises Operational Training
  • Introduction To The Apigee Product
  • Product overview
  • Architecture and deployment topologies
  • Technology
  • Installation and configuration
  • Platform operations
  • Lab
  • Key Features
  • Monitoring
  • Deployment
  • Scaling
  • Component configuration
  • Manage And Support
  • Edge Developer Training
  • Fundamentals Of APIs With Edge
  • Apigee Platform Overview
  • Best practices in RESTful API Design
  • Key API Concepts
  • Anatomy of a Proxy
  • Connectivity
  • Basic security
  • Implementing Security And Authentication In Edge
  • API Management and API Key Validation
  • Protection against Content-based Attacks
  • Authentication, Authorization and Identity
  • Traffic Management
  • Other Security Considerations
  • Lab
  • Policy Application And Function
  • Protocol Conversions
  • Caching
  • Custom Analytics
  • API BaaS
  • Environments and Security
  • Data Storage
  • Converting, Caching And Analyzing Your APIs
  • Using Node.Js In Apigee Edge
  • API Facades
  • Content Validation
  • Mashups
  • Scripting
  • Lab

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