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AWS OnlineCourse

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AWS Online Course

AWS Training and Certification course will provide the knowledge of how to handle the concepts like Mapping web servers, firewalls, caches and load balancers to AWS services, understand the core concept of loose coupling in cloud computing, learn about the AWS RDS such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Aurora, compare the different models of AWS services, use the security features of AWS, design large operations distributed systems, implement Access control, NAT, firewalls, DNS and route tables, understand elasticity, network concepts, scalability concepts, EC2 fundamentals, Lambda features, Route 53, S3, DevOps tools, VPC, Cloudwatch for Amazon DynamoDB, AWS IoT Core, EC2 support towards Microsoft SQL server,  and procure knowledge about deployment tools such as ops works, CloudFormation and Elastic Beanstalk. AWS Training cost depends upon the basic level or advanced level course which the learners prefer.

Our trainers help the candidate to leverage various AWS services and principles to make the AWS infrastructure highly available, reliable, and scalable. Our AWS online training is developed based on the latest industry requirements and specifications. You will learn the following aspects in this AWS Certification training online.

After course completion

Aspirant would be able to identify the compliance and security advantages with AWS cluod

Learn about different methods included in data encryption to secure all critical information

  • Enables you to identify the compliance and security advantages with AWS Cloud.
  • Learn about different methods included in data encryption to secure all sensitive information.
  • Learn to secure network security through AWS services.
  • Explain the AWS assurance and compliance programs
  • Enables you to understand the AWS management features and access control.
  • Grab the knowledge about the effective steps for controlling different AWS resources.
  • Get the knowledge of auditing the AWS environment.
  • Learn the AWS architectural practices and solutions
  • Formulate AWS solution plans.
  • Prepare for the AWS Cloud Certification program and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam.

Certification for AWS Course

After successful completion of the course aspirants will be certified with “ AWS course completion certification” from ICONITINC

 Unique Features in ICONIT INC

1.Limited Students :

We deploy dedicated trainers for each batch. Each batch consists of limited students maximum 10 in the group. Each student in the group is taken care individually. All the doubts in the session will be clarified on immediate basis. Trainers provide support in practical’s during projects.

You will be guided with case studies which help to get hands on experience on the projects as per the industry standards.

You will be attending live sessions of the trainer, no pre recorded videos.

2.Resume Preparation:


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3.Mock Interviews

Mock interview reflects an actual job interview. It helps to test your on-going interview preparation. It gives an opportunity to prepare, up to level of the industry standards. It gives an idea of what to say and do during the interview. A mock interview is useful in reviewing your answers to common questions and assessing other technical Skills.

ICONIT INC arranges 3 mock interviews for your actual interview preparation. It helps to practice better and become perfect to do well in the actual interview.

4.Job Assistance

ICONIT INC will arrange 3 interviews from the top MNC’s.Candidate is purely responsible for clearing the interview.

AWS Course Syllabus


  • Introduction to Cloud
  • Types of Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Free Tier AWS account
  • Activate MFA on root account
  • Over view of AWS services
  • Billing Dashboard 8. Support Center 

2.Identity and Access Management (IAM)

  • IAM introduction
  • Create IAM user and Group
  • Accessing AWS console using newly created users
  • Roles
  • Policies
  • Identity providers
  • Access Analyzer
  • Lab Sessions & Assignments

 3.Networking & Content Delivery

  • Introduction to cloud Networking
  • Virtual Private Cloud and Subnets
  • Route tables
  • NAT Gateways and Internet Gateways
  • Endpoints
  • Peering Connections
  • Security Groups and NACL’s
  • Virtual Private Network VPN
  • Transit Gateways
  • Cloud Front
  • Route 53 28. API Gateway
  • Direct Connect
  • Lab Sessions & Assignment


  • Introduction to compute Services
  • Amazon EC2 Instances
  • AMI’s
  • Elastic Block Storage
  • EC2 Network and Security
  • Load Balancing
  • Auto Scaling
  • LightSail
  • Lambda
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Lab Sessions & Assignments


  • Elastic Container Registry
  • Elastic Container Service
  • Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • Lab Sessions & Assignments


  • Simple Storage Service S3
  • Elastic File System (EFS)
  • FSx
  • S3 Glacier
  • Storage Gateway
  • AWS Backup
  • Lab Sessions & Assignments


  • Relational Database Service RDS
    • Amazon Aurora
    • MySql
    • PostgreSQL
  • DynamoDB
  • ElastiCache
  • Database Backup
  • Lab Sessions & Assignments

8.Security & Compliance

  • Cognito
  • Secrets Manager
  • GaurdDuty
  • Inspector
  • AWS Key Management Service
  • Directory Service
  • Lab Sessions & Assignments

9.Management & Governance 

  • AWS Organizations
  • Cloud Watch
  • CloudTrail
  • AWS Autoscaling
  • Cloud Formation
  • Lab Sessions & Assignments 

10.Miscellaneous Services

  • Server Migration Service
  • Introduction to Infra as a Code IaaS

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