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T-SQL Online Training

IconITInc is one of the best training institute in leading IT online training. We provide the best T-SQL Online Training with our highly professional real-time trainers. Running T-SQL results in dramatically improved performance, simplified administration and streamlined IT landscape resulting in lowering total cost of ownership. IconITInc also does corporate training and help them to train their employees.

Relational Database Basics

  • Brief History of SQL
  • Relational Databases [may be compressed due to attendee experience]
    • Tables
    • Rows
    • Columns
    • Relationships
    • Datatypes
    • Primary Keys
    • Foreign Keys
    • Relational Database Management System
  • SQL Server Objects
    • Valid Object References
  • SQL Statements
    • Database Manipulation Language (DML)
    • Database Definition Language (DDL)
    • Database Control Language (DCL)

Simple SELECTs with SQL Server

  • Introduction to the Northwind Database
  • Some Basics
    • Comments
    • Whitespace and Semi-colons
    • Case Sensitivity
  • SELECTing All Columns in All Rows
  • Exploring the Tables
  • SELECTing Specific Columns
  • Sorting Records
    • Sorting By a Single Column
    • Sorting By Multiple Columns
    • Sorting By Column Position
    • Ascending and Descending Sorts
  • The WHERE Clause and Operator Symbols
    • Checking for Equality
    • Checking for Inequality
    • Checking for Greater or Less Than
    • Checking for NULL
    • WHERE and ORDER BY
  • The WHERE Clause and Operator Words
    • The BETWEEN Operator
    • The IN Operator
    • The LIKE Operator
    • The NOT Operator
  • Checking Multiple Conditions
    • AND
    • OR
    • Order of Evaluation
  • Writing SELECTs with Multiple Conditions

Advanced SELECTs with SQL Server

  • Calculated Fields
    • Concatenation
    • Mathematical Calculations
    • Aliases
  • Aggregate Functions and Grouping
    • Aggregate Functions
    • Grouping Data
  • Built-in Data Manipulation Functions
    • Common Math Functions
    • Common String Functions
    • Common Date Functions

Subqueries, Joins, and Unions with SQL Server

  • Subqueries
  • Joins
    • Table Aliases
    • Multi-table Joins
  • Outer Joins
  • Unions
    • UNION Rules

Inserting, Updating and Deleting Records with SQL Server


Creating and Modifying Tables with SQL Server

  • Creating Tables
  • Datatypes
  • Altering Tables
    • Adding a Column
    • Dropping a Column
  • Renaming Tables
  • Dropping Tables

Views and Stored Procedures in SQL Server

  • Creating Views
  • Dropping Views
  • Creating Stored Procedures
    • Designing a stored procedure
    • Specifying input parameters
    • Returning a recordset
    • Returning output parameters
  • Testing stored procedures
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